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  • Ticks and Lyme Disease
    Once present in only small isolated pockets, ticks are now forming well established and widespread populations in many provinces including Ontario. Spread by wildlife and birds, they may be found Read more
  • 7 is Senior-Why they need more care-
    Pets are now living longer thanks to advances in nutrition, better veterinary care, and earlier detection of a problem by blood screening. As owners, you play a key role in helping Read more
  • The Skinny on Obesity
    Obesity is a metabolic disease the same as Diabetes or Thyroid Problems; luckily more easily treated than the other two. Obesity may shorten your pets' lifespan by as much as Read more
  • Cat Boarding and Doggy Day Care
    Where better to choose for a safe and comfortable boarding facility for your cat and a day care center for your canine best friend. We provide excellent care and security and have Read more
  • Keeping your Pets Safe During the Holidays
    With so much extra food and snacks out on tables for holiday guests, pets can much more easily help themselves or be helped by uninformed guests. Dogs love unattended plates Read more
  • Update on Feline Obesity
                                   Rockland Veterinary Hospital  Newsletter   Update on Feline Obesity-   50 % of Pet Cats are Overweight- Obesity is a Metabolic Disease The primary reason for the development of obesity in any Read more