Rockland Veterinary Hospital provides complete veterinary services for your canine and feline friends. We strive to offer you the best possible care to ensure your pet is happy and healthy.

Examinations and Preventative Vaccine Programs

We strongly recommend an annual comprehensive physical with blood-work to detect any medical problems early and get them corrected as quickly as possible. This is especially important in our seniors; in cats and dogs this stage begins at age 7.Appropriate vaccines protect against contagious diseases.

General Surgery and Dentistry

We offer all general procedures including dentistry and prophylactic cleaning.

Orthopedic Consultations

We are pleased to have Dr. J. Dingwall as a consultant in orthopedic cases. He is a Board Certified surgeon with over 30 years of experience.

Medical Diagnostics

We use an accredited Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for all tests and interpretation.

Ultrasound appointments with a traveling specialist

We have on-site x-ray and ultrasound capability.


Rockland Veterinary Hospital is a complete care facility and our staff and veterinarians will always treat your pet as they would their own.

Nutritional and Behavioral Consultations

We are able to offer dietary recommendations for any medical conditions requiring special diets such as allergies, inadequate kidney or hepatic function, gastrointestinal dysfunction, diabetes, etc. and have products and knowledge to assist and advise you in behavioral issues.

Heartworm, Flea and Tick preventative programs

We have products that we recommend for both your pet and your environment to prevent these parasites from attacking your pet and hence eliminate associated medical problems which they cause.

Puppy, Kitten and Senior Consultations

We provide a kitten or puppy kit full of valuable information for your new friend’s care and well being and spend extra time in the first few visits to advise you on the dos and don’ts to keep them safe and healthy.

Our senior program includes advice on subtle warning signs of disease and ways to prevent some of the most common problems through nutrition and geriatric screening tests.

Cat Boarding & Dog Day Boarding

By the day or by the week, we offer a safe haven and supervision of your friend while you are away. You can bring toys, bedding and food you would like them fed. Cats can exercise in our playroom and dogs have large indoor runs.